The Imitation Game

I have seen this movie on 28th, but waited a little to talk about it so that more of you have the opportunity to see it. This post will have some spoilers, just to let you know. I am not a movie critic, and I am not good at writing reviews, so this post is just about my personal feelings and opinions.

First of all, the description from IMDB is perfect, short and straight forward:

English mathematician and logician, Alan Turing, helps crack the Enigma code during World War II.

And this is exactly what the movie is about. For the ones that know more Alan Turing’s life some of the things presented in the movie will not be new, but I didn’t know that much and the movie made me want to search for more (and I believe that this is what I will do in the next period: search Enigma and Alan Turing). I will not say anything special about the actors (because it’s not my domain), but I enjoyed the way Benedict Cumberbatch portrait Alan. It was very interesting to see his uneasiness with people, his lack of social skills and how he tries to make friend with the other members of the team.  

As a hole the movie was emotional and a little sad for me. I was deeply moved in the end when Alan breaks down in front of Joan and talks about the machine Christopher. Another moment that moved me was the moment they broke Enigma. Moreover, the movie touched some great social and moral problems that are still debated a lot:

1. Homosexuality: Alan Turing was convicted for indecency and agreed to undergo hormonal treatment designed to reduce libido. He accepted the option of treatment via injections of stilboestrol, a synthetic oestrogen; this treatment was continued for the course of one year.  He was pardoned in 2013, a little to late for my taste.

2. Killing a few for the greater good: After they break Enigma, they decide to leave a huge convoy of ships to be destroyed (this just because they didn’t want to make it obvious they know the messages). After this they were making statistics and calculations to decide who dies and who lives, so that the Germans wouldn’t discovered Enigma was broken.

Thinking about the amount of mathematics used in the movie – not extreme, a good level, just to make thinks more interesting. They use a lot of probabilities at the beginning to understand how hard it is to break the codes manually (also some combinatorics is involved in this process); in the scenes when Alan is a student, he uses some old methods to encrypt – some symmetric key cryptography (which can be broke using frequency). As a hole I was pleased with the amount of science in general used. It was enough to make me extremely curious about how exactly the machine worked.

New Imageger

Let me know what you think about the movie. And because sometimes movies don’t present exactly and 100% correct the events, I leave you a review that explains more: An Alan Turing expert answers your ‘The Imitation Game’ questions.

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