Christmas Gifts for Him ^_^

I hope you liked the last posts about Christmas gifts: Christmas Presents , Christmas Presents for Her  and Christmas Gifts for Children ; to close this series of posts I have a small list of things that He might find them really interesting and fun. This is the post that it took longer for me to do, I was never good at finding gifts for boys. Lets give it a try:

1. Nice bottle of wine – this is not really wine related, because I feel that it doesn’t really matter what type of alcohol it is inside, if the bottle is awesome it makes the gift unique:

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2. Bar stuff – I thought that nice bottles need to come with unique accessories, so here are some great glasses (these one are not for wine, but you get the idea) and π bottle opener:


3. Accessories – I believe this is the category I like the most (obviously). There are a lot of unique ties and bows that have math-related prints that work with everything and everyone. Here are some nice designs: Math-Tie

On the same topic, here are some cufflinks  that are really cute:


4. Games – now as I think about it maybe I should have put some games in the post  Christmas Presents for Her  too, because I would totally love to get math-related games for X-mas. But anyway, I have some great playing card designs here that will impress any player:

These are called Metal Solids – a typical card deck. Awesome thing is that pips and court figures are rendered as composites of curved geometric solids. The court figures in particular have no faces or clothing.

Another nice design(with so much geometry in it) is :

And the last example (I can find a lot more on the internet) is a design I have talked about in my post Geometry and Cards :

5. Ultimate gift – the mother of all gifts Bugatti Veyron :


And these are some ideas for X-mas gifts for him (thank you for my boyfriend’s help for this post ^_^ he helped a lot) and if you have any other ideas let me know in the comment box bellow. Hope you liked this series of mine and if you have any other ideas let me know.

Don’t forget that I am hosting the Math Educational Blog Carnival  this month and you can send me articles at until 17th December. Also after I finish my exams (on 16th December) I will do some Christmas related posts (no math in them, but just for a short period); if you want to find see something special let me know.

Thank you for your support. You can find me on Facebook , Tumblr, Google+,  Twitter and Instagram. Thank you for reading and enjoy your day. Don’t forget that maths is everywhere!

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