Christmas Gifts for children

Sometime it is extremely easy to buy gifts for children because in the end they tell you what they want, or you know what is their favorite movie or character or something. They tell you what they want in the end. But the thing I find sometimes hard is to buy them an educational gift that is not school related. The best thing are games, and mathematics can be found in a lot of games everywhere. I will try to list of my favorite ideas:

1. Rubik Cube – I have written a post about this game a couple of months ago, you can read it here. What I totally like about this game is the way it makes the children see moves in advance, improve their 3D perception and also it is a good way to teach them ‘trial and error’ principle. Since the invention of this game a lot of adaptation appeared, so there is a wide range of shapes and dimensions:

1200 res 6th april 2009b

2. Cube Puzzle – this is more like a general name for any type of game that acts as a puzzle in 3D. Here are some images to give an idea for what I mean:


This kind of games can be found in different shapes, not only cubes, different dimensions and difficulties. They are extremely fun, and make children train their mathematical imagination (especially in geometry). Here are some other adaptations of the same game:


3. A Game Book – now I am referring to a specific book: ‘The Little Big Book of Brain Games 517 Ways to Stretch, Strengthen and Grow your Brain’ by Ivan Moscovich. I have talked about this book in my August Favorites  and I believe it is incredible. This is a good example of game book that is perfect for parents and children; in fact a great fact will be trying the games together, it will make the children more confident and everything will be incredible fun I assure you. Hope a review post about this book will come in December.

New Image

4. Monopoly – a classic game that teaches them more than mathematics. And also it is a great team game, perfect for fun family evenings.

I will post different present lists like this one for the next weeks on Sunday. Let me know what you think about these? Would you like them, would you buy some for your children? Are there any other games that you recommend? 

Any feedback is appreciated so use the like and share buttons! And, because now I try to post more let me know what you would like to see more in the comment box bellow!

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