Combing Food and Formulas

A long time ago, I had this idea in mind: if I could be a better cooker I could make people around me understand more about geometry (2D, 3D shapes or higher dimensions). I believe that food has a way to make people aware of things. Our society has a lot of food ‘complexes’ (if I can call them like this) or ‘problems’ that make us aware of everything has food in it, or everything that is expressed through food. Using cooking processes and geometry (formulas) one can totally represent interesting concepts.

This is what Mercedes Siles Molina is doing. She is a mathematician at the University of Malaga, in Spain, who wanted to combine her passions for math and cooking. Moline enlisted the help of Chef José Carlos Garcia and photographer Pedro Reyes Dueñas to develop a series of culinary creations based on mathematical shapes and formulas.

“It’s a collaboration among all of us,” said Molina, who gave a talk about her work here at the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath). During the event, math enthusiasts of all ages created their own “mathematical landscapes” out of candy and marshmallows.

Here are examples of what they did:

1. The following piece represents the intersection of three planes, and the intersection points represent the equation xyz=0. The pistachio sand describes a curve.

almond-nougatine kreutz

2. The next one has a line of red dots which invites the viewer to pass through the “coral” chocolate cylinder. The cylinder is made of glucose, which, when cooked in the oven, opens like a coral.

cylinder strawberries-cocoa

3. For the next one, the mathematical formula for a wood shaving (as the shape is called)  is quite complicated. The “wood shaving” is made of flour, water and olive oil.

steak-tartar wood-shaving

4. And the last one is a combination of a helicoid and a cylinder. The chefs created the helidocoid out of olive oil at a temperature of 115 degrees Celsius, using a drill to give it its shape. The cylinder is made from Moscatel grape jelly The formula for the helicoid is not algebraic.

helicoid-cylinder helicoid-olive-oil

Let me know if you like this idea. I was extremely impressed by what they did. It has a lot of advanced concepts that look extremely good in these images. What is your opinion about it? Would like to have the opportunity to do something like this yourself? Any feedback is appreciated so use the like and share buttons!

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