Geometric Paper Animals

Some time ago I have written about how geometry has become an inspiration to art (Geometry & Art). I still believe the same thing, and I also wanted to make a small confession: I realized how interesting, beautiful and how much I like mathematics through geometry. When I was in high-school, I was good at mathematics but never really enjoyed it; the thing I liked a lot was painting and drawing. So I decided to do architecture at university. At this point, I needed to do some preparation, some extremely complex drawings. I had to transform some of the shapes from around me into geometric shapes. I had to use a lot of geometry and proportions. Thus I started to use more and more mathematical concepts, and it got me. And it staid with me since now.

Due to this story of mine, I also want to show you some incredibly nice sculptures. As mentioned about I needed to transform shapes around me into geometric shapes to understand their nature better. So, now I want to present you some works (DIY geometric paper sculpture kits under the name Paperwolf) by Stuttgart-based designer Wolfram Kampffmeyer. The designs range from taxidermy trophies to standalone animals that come flat-packed with detailed instructions on how to fold and assemble yourself. See tons of additional designs in his Etsy shop.

And I hope you can see the beauty behind all of these:

paper-3 paper-6


Encourage this idea and originality. Share this incredible work, spread the idea that geometry can totally help you understand the world around us; also it can make it more beautiful. Share creativity. Any feedback is appreciated so use the like and share buttons!

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