Geometry + Snow = Wonderful

Simon Beck has been decorating the Alps with this stunning mathematical art, by running in snowshoes across freshly laid snow.  Beck, 56, went to Millfield School and studied engineering at Oxford university. In 1974 he won the British Orienteering Championships. He has spent most of his adult life working as a freelance orienteering mapmaker.


Each image takes him 11 hours to make and cover an area of 100m x 100m. The drawings are made using a compass and counting paces. The first hour is measuring important points. (So, if he wants to find the half-way point of a line, he counts the paces along it and divide by 2.)

3b1b36dd-1cf2-4ed3-8f72-002ae8194b7f-2060x1236 70054b79-9b21-4e80-aa40-315bce4bb380-2060x1236

He always draws geometric designs, because he believes they are more fun to do, since there is less tedious measuring. Many of the images are mathematical shapes, such as the Koch snowflake, the Sierpinski triangle and a version of the Mandelbrot set (these are all fractal shapes).

a195b575-bd2c-4e15-b58b-9010380b011e-2060x1236 f40c58ea-0b27-4eba-972b-5a6d93178bea-2060x1236b58b960e-76a5-4916-b6ca-d99eb15d68db-2060x1236 I believe the amount of work is incredible, but the result is awesome. And I would like to see more projects like this one that give credit to the beauty of geometry. What do you think about it? 

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  1. I’ve liked a lot these pics, and even wanted to put one of them as my desktop’s wallpaper, but looks like although the link to the image says “2060×1236” the real size is a half of it.


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