Scary Mathematics

I thought that because Halloween is tomorrow (for me) a post about some Halloween related mathematics will be fun.

1. Carving Pumpkins. This is one of the traditions for Halloween that I enjoy the most. I was never used to Halloween when I was little, because in Romania (my birth-country) we didn’t celebrate it, but my grandparents were still carving pumpkins for me and my little sister every autumn. Here are some great ideas for a math-lover: 

10420143_921100711252333_5956520271484068568_n pumpkin pumpkinmath Pumpkin_Math_Face_by_platinummyr   20121031_espinoza4

2. Scary Math. History of mathematics has some strange names for specific properties or specific numbers and so on. Some of these names are incredibly perfect for Halloween; they make you think of witches, beasts, devil, skeleton and other things specific for 31st October.  Here are the ones I think are the nicest (and most interesting ones):

461-scary-math-happy-halloween 461-scary-math-happy-halloween_20141025003905303_20141026220947893461-scary-math-happy-halloween_20141025003803551 461-scary-math-happy-halloween_20141025003838219  461-scary-math-happy-halloween_20141025004136839 461-scary-math-happy-halloween_20141025003721029  461-scary-math-happy-halloween_20141025003953188_20141026221114930 461-scary-math-happy-halloween_20141025003927142 461-scary-math-happy-halloween_20141025004040376 461-scary-math-happy-halloween_20141025004118326

3. Costumes. This chapter is for more Halloween lovers. I believe it’s really creative to dress for Halloween. Here are some more strange and funny ways to dress this Halloween if you are more like a math-lover (like the persons in the images – none of the images are mine, Google helped me with this):

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       f088d2997f761cef218b966af6cad703                  rubiks     images (2) 069-happy-halloween      320-math-halloween-costumes

Enjoy Halloween!! Have fun and do scary math! 


Thank you for your support and cooperation so far! Any feedback is appreciated so use the like and share buttons! Also, you can send me photos with what you’re doing for Halloween (even if it’s not math related) using #HalloweenwithLThMath. 

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