World Post Day

I have just discovered that on 9th October is celebrated the World Post Day, organized by the Universal Postal Union, the United Nations agency for postal services.

And I thought it would be a nice idea to show you my collection of math-related post cards. The first ones are from +plus Magazine (Website), which is a nice online magazine with incredibly interesting math-related posts. I totally advice you to take a look and you will surely find at least 10 articles there you like and also a lot of new things you didn’t know even existed.

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And the next one, you have seen in another post (July Favorites) and is a post card that I have received during my week in Stuttgart at  HFT.

Share from Pixlr5

Furthermore, at the beginning of September I discovered a nice app called Lettrs. It is a great app that encourages writing letters. Also it has a way of sending the letters to a proper address, but you can also post them online or keep them private for you and your penfriends. My goal is that one day I will make myself properly send at least one letter to someone dear to me. Here are photos of the letters I have written there (in case you have the application and want to find me easily just search for LThMathematics):

letter_preview_1409548617515 letter_preview_1409590136607 letter_preview_1409994831880 letter_preview_1411209546522 letter_preview_1412597397320

Hope you liked this post, and if you would like to know more email me at  Any feedback is appreciated so use the like and share buttons! And don’t forget that today we are celebrating the importance of post and letters in our life.

Check my Facebook page, my Tumblr, my just started Google+ page and also my new Twitter (I am really new to the last 2 things, so bare with me if you see stupid mistakes there) and  Instagram. Thank you for reading and enjoy your day. Have a great weekend.


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