Holiday part 1

I was on holiday last weeks and some of you wanted to see some photos, so I posted some on Facebook in the new and special photo album: Holiday. So, I thought that it would be nice to share some photos on my blog, too. ( there are also some on Tumblr, but not that many) So, all the photos are made by me and may not be professional at all, but they are mine and it was just holiday, so hope you will like them.

1. Florence was the 1st city we properly visited and it so beautiful, everywhere were sculptures and wonderful building; and obviously nice shops… We did not have time to visit everything, and two of the things I would have liked to see are  Leonardo Da Vinci Museum and Basilica of Santa Croce where Galileo Galilei’s is. But saw The Dome, Ufizzi Gallery and Palazzo Vecchio and here are a couple of photos:

New Imageggea  New Imageggeg New ImagehgNew Imagewgqg New Image

And obviously shooops… Holiday implies also see nice shops that I cannot find where I am leaving, it doesn’t mean shopping, just seeing new things. So, here are some cute random things:

New Imagefgwe New Imagegtg New Imagegsf  New ImagegtrwNew Imagegd

2. These are from a quick afternoon in San Marino, beautiful city in which I will go back to visit in detail:

New Imagegfdf   New Imagegae  New Imagesghwryt3. And now comes the more relaxing part and the seaside thing. This is the great place, so beautiful and incredible. The photo was taken at Polignano a Mare, close to Bari :

New Imagegwt4. And last for this post, are photos from around Polignano a Mare, and Bari. We visited some cities close by and it was great. Monopoli is also a good place for enjoying the sun, but there is also an interesting place Alberobello, totally recomend searching for it ( here is the Wikipedia Page just for a small reference). Also, there is a nice Safari close by in Fasano, and it is safari in your own car, so you can have some animals walking close to you and you can also feed them if you want to (PS: the graphs are so cute and fluffy).  Here are some photos:

New Imagegtwegt New ImagetwtNew Imageghw  New Imagegrvdwre

And these are all the photos for today, more will come next week. Have a great Sunday ( or weekend) and if you would like to see more short holiday presentations like this post and I will do my best for next ones.

Hope you liked this post, and if you would like to see more let me know. Any feedback is appreciated so use the like and share buttons and also comment below. I know September is more like a start school moth, but I will post more holiday posts and some more nice posts in the Traveling category this month, so stay tunned.

Check my Facebook page, my Tumblr, my just started Google+ page and also my new Twitter (I am really new to the last 2 things, so bare with me if you can see stupid mistakes there) and  Instagram. Thank you for reading and enjoy your day. Thanks for support and understanding.


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