August Favorites

It is time for August favorites, this was my holiday month, so there is not that much math in it obviously; as July was my extra-work month ( check July Favorites in case you missed it). So, this will just a little shorter post than normal, but I am sure you understand my reasons. So, lets start the favorites part:

For the quote of the month, I have a wonderful thing from Tumblr, writen by superfriedscienceguy and it just made all my month. Wonderful written, just went to my heart and stayed there for days… Really impresive, here it is quoted from Tumblr:

“Math is the dialect of the universe”…. What does that even mean? There are things we observe in the universe and sometimes we don’t always understand them. Thats why we invented math. Math is the manual of the universe. A guide to help us understand why things happen the way they do. The universe threw countless mysteries at us and we honed those mysteries using numbers. Numbers interpret the way the universe works and translates it so that we can understand the universe. It is the “google translate” of everything. We didn’t give quantitive values to things that were qualitative. The universe did. We, however, deciphered the code that the universe had set forth and did it without every using a single word. Math is to real life as binary is to computers. It’s the encryption of how things should happen, and it follows that code down to the letter. Thats because the universe IS math. Math teaches us to learn the ways of everything. There is so much underlying wisdom in math. So much latent potential in math.

Math is… underrated. From now on, rather than trying to memorize x and y or the quadratic equation, learn that x and y are values that are susceptible to change and that the quadratic equation represents a pattern that YOU can use to your advantage. Math is a tool more valuable than any other. Learn to use it

Next thing that I was into is a person, and I am completely sure you have heard of her, because it was all over the news everywhere. Thank you to Maryam Mirzakhani for doing what she is doing, loving her for showing that women can do more and more, and for showing that if you love something you should do it whatever… Just I consider her to be an incredible model for all those women working in STEM subjects field, incredible… Here is a small video about her, in case you are not familiar with the news:

Some favorites had video favorites, some didn’t, and because it was holiday I had a little more time watching video and listening to things. And here are some of my favorite videos:

Wonderful math and geometry application and the music was so calm and perfect for everything. Next video is about Pi… I just thought that I could listen to Pi songs and I just searched Pi songs on YouTube and listened to as many as possible. Because I was on holiday I could do this a lot, and here is my favorite video so far :

And the last thing on my list is the book… Maybe you expected more books, but I assure you this makes for 10 books. It is ‘The Little Big Book of Brain Games 517 Ways to Stretch, Strengthen and Grow your Brain’ by Ivan Moscovich. It has great games: logic, geometry, probability and more. It really has lots of mathematics, like 97% of it (maybe more)… incredible challenging and I enjoyed playing the games with my family on the beach, perfect for it.

New Image

Hope you liked this post, and if you would like to see more let me know. Any feedback is appreciated so use the like and share buttons and also comment below with your favorites, too. Also let me know some of your favorite math or science things for August. September is more like a start school moth, but I will post my holiday posts and some more nice posts in the Traveling category.

Check my Facebook page, my Tumblr, my just started Google+ page and also my new Twitter (I am really new to the last 2 things, so bare with me if you can see stupid mistakes there) and  Instagram. Thank you for reading and enjoy your day. Thanks for support and understanding.


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