The title does not make that much sense at the beginning, but this is just because I want to make this post short, so the title is Short.

I have observed a little nice thing happening: some of you have searched this phrase ‘how is math like air’ on my blog. And I thought that it should be a good idea to try to give a small explanation of why I consider math to be like air or water to our society. (The study of mathematics is like air or water to our technological society.)

Everything came from the simple fact that us (beings), we need air and water to survive. And it is straight forward that if we don’t have one of the above we will die eventually. And I thought what if we just take away mathematics from our society, what will happen then? And so something appeared in my mind: there would be nothing. I realized that without math there is no evolution. It seems strange to think about it this way, but if you think about how much we use just the simple number system, you will surely be shocked. ( and this is exactly why I have started the event Street Numbers on Facebook)

Lets just imagine what a day without mathematics should be like. First of all, no electricity or any other type of technology, no computer, no nothing. Ok, maybe that is not that hard, you can say that ‘Yes! we can live without them’ and it is true. But there will also be no markets, no commerce, no money. But here is also the fact that in the past people could survive without these things, too. But here is the BIG MISTAKE… I am referring to our society, to the society where we live right now, and not hundreds of years ago. And I am sure you can see now that math is the base, math is the air and water. It is one of the primordial elements, like electricity and many others.

So in order to understand how our society is evolving, how our technology evolves, we need to understand maths, we need to make a little effort to see the importance of it. And then the beauty will come, it always shows up in the end.

I let you with this short and funny quote about mathematics. Enjoy:


Have a great week. Hope you liked this post, and if you would like to see more let me know. Any feedback is appreciated so use the like and share buttons and also comment below with your favorites, too.

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