What a Mathematician should visit in London

Heyyy!!! I am really happy, cause the first thing that happened when I open WordPress was a big notification about my stats are booming!!! And WoooOOooWww! they are… Thank you so very much, I am so excited to see that you like and read some of my posts, thank you very much. So, lets start the actual post…

I just started this Traveling section a while ago, but I did not post anything else. But I have to say that it is the most time consuming of all my posts, because even if I visited a lot of cities I also need to spend a lot of time properly Google almost everything, and I am sure that you know that this is really time consuming. So, last time I did a post about What a Mathematician can SEE in London, and it is mostly about some nice statues. This time it is more like properly visiting and spending more time with them. I do not have like a favorite one, I just consider that if you can find enough time to visit as many as possible it is great!

I will start with the Greenwich and with this I recommend this website: http://www.visitgreenwich.org.uk/ to make an idea of what you can see there and maybe also schedule your Greenwich day. This is what I did when I went with my family and I enjoined it a lot. Why I recommend this to any math lover? Pretty strait forward: time, navigation, astronomy. They are all math related at some point and you will enjoy all of them. Firstly comes the National Maritime Museum and Royal Observatory (in fact Royal Museums Greenwich is a group of world class museums incorporating the National Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark and the Queen’s House) with all those interesting adventurous stories about sea and any other kind of expeditions. And it is full with calculations: it is great to see how people where calculating distances, and much more. Also you get a lot of time and clock related things starting (or ending, if you like) with the Time Ball, and don’t never ever forget to get a photo at the Meridian Line, you just have to. And here I can properly put some of my old photos, they are not really professional, not even close… but they are mine, Enjoy:

New ImagegghfgjghNew Imagedfhfj New Imagegfdgd  New Imageyr6utyNew Imagedsgdfgh

Maybe the above photos are too big, but I had to put them there. Ok, so lets go to the next thing abvious on the list and that is The Science Museum! They have interesting things and on the second floor is a math related section or a gallery with great instruments (slide rules, drawing instruments and early analogue computers) that illustrate really wonderful some good mathematical principles. Also this gallery is unique in showing a range of the uses of mathematical instruments: in gunnery, carpentry, mapping, alcohol measurement and packing, for example. Besides this I am totally into their collection of strange surfaces, which brings together striking and significant mathematical surface models from the 19th century with interesting and attractive models being made today (Wonderful!!). Here are some great photos (all of them are from their official website, so not my credit there):

New Imagevbcg New Imagebvhg

Another self-explanatory thing is the Bank of England Museum; mathematics, economy, accounting and banking are quite related. You can find a lot of interesting things there, from the architecture of the bank to modern economy. And you get to find out a lot of things about the evolution of the pound, how today banknotes are made (there is a banknote gallery, really good for any collector, which I am becoming little by little, especially for coins). Here are some photos with the things you can find there (also, the photos are from their website):

New Imagegdg

This is not the end of the list of course, there are other incredible things that you can see and visit in London, this is just my selection, and I would love to go and find the time to visit and see all of them, maybe that day will come soon, who knows. And to end this post I have a great thing to share with you all: THE MUSEUM OF MATHEMATICS IN UK (http://www.mathsworlduk.com/ ). So far this is just an idea, a vision, but I would love to see this happening… Visit the website and share with everyone and encourage it, we need to transform everyone’s opinion about math, we have to change the society, show them the beauty of it and how important it is to our technological life.

Again, thank you very much for your support. Enjoy the weekend and don’t forget to check the Facebook event Street Numbers, it is almost ending… give it some love. Any feedback is appreciated so use the like and share buttons and also comment below with your opinion. Let me know which ones are you favorite and what should I put on my list for next. Also, what city would you like to see next, I was thinking on making something similar to Stuttgart ( here are the other Stuttgart related posts so far: Visiting StuttgartFirst DaySecond Day3rd Day in Stuttgart and Cryptography)

You can find me on Google+ (unfortunately I am not very used with Google+ yet) Facebook (the Facebook page if updated daily), also on Tumblr (still new on this one, but I enjoy the community and it’s fun) and also my new Twitter and  Instagram. Also in case you want to discuss more math related subjects with me this is a special email made just for you: lthmathematics@gmail.com

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day.


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