July Favorites

This month was so loooong, not exactly in a bad way, but I had extra time at work, there were some interesting events, and it seems that I (sort of) decided what I will do with my life in my future, not that I did not know exactly, but it is different this time… But, heyy!! you don’t to know about my personal life.. hmmmm… So my math July favorites, you will be impressed (hope so!).

The first thing, the quote… At the beginning of this month I went to Stuttgart and spent a week at HFT (but you already know about it… I feel that I am mentioning to many times sometimes… but I was excited and it was really great, so bare with my enthusiasm) and they gave us some really nice cards with math quotes on them. (I have some more math related cards, so if you want a separate post about them, like this post or let me know in the comment box). Here it is:


Next, it is my favorite number… This time, I don’t really think it is a really math favorite number, but it is just the number I used most this month. I don’t know if you are folowing (or likeing ) my Facebook page, but I have posted this article: The secret history of numbers: how math shapes our lives in amazing unpredictable ways. And there it explains nicely why numbers ending with 99 are used in the selling industry and more. So, because I worked extra this month (and I am working in a shop ) I used this number a lot at the till. So after reading that article I find that I have a connection with this number somehow. So this is my favorite number this month:


Now comes my favorite game, but… ups… I did not have time to play anything… So sorry, though I have discovered a new interesting application on my tablet; it is called Fractal Designer and it isn’t extremely easy to use (or I am not good at it, or not tried it enough) but I really enjoyed it this month, and it was a nice way of relaxing in my lunch break sometimes. So have a look at my poor attempts to use it:

1389890570178 IMG_20140116_163945   1395666445234 13956667524831395666289382 1389918581510

And also at my favorite book there is a not that math book (it’s not a math book at all unfortunately), but… hey! it has math related things inside (at least I am trying….). It is not something new on the market and maybe you don’t like it, but I was happy to see that the author used some math related information there… So the book is ‘The Lost Symbol’ by Dan Brown. I need to say that I have read all the other books written by him (I am not a huge fun, I just find interesting his books) and always like the way he uses math when it comes to codes and secret stuff and the thing that I appreciate more at a book (not a scientific one) is that moment when I start thinking: ‘I should Google this, to find out if it really is true…’ or ‘I should something more specialized on this domain…’. So here are some photos of my book, and you will understand:

IMG_20140802_230334 IMG_20140802_230429 IMG_20140802_230557 IMG_20140802_230651 IMG_20140802_230721 IMG_20140802_230916

Hope you liked this post, and if you would like to see more let me know. Any feedback is appreciated so use the like and share buttons and also comment below with your favorites, too.

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