3D Fractals ^_^

I my last post I told you that in Stuttgart at HFT we had an interesting presentation of some nice fractals in 3D, so I decided to Google it to find some nice photos, and I found THIS. Absolutely wonderful things, I can say that I like, nooo, I love them… The colors are chosen extremely well to present every detail and they fell so real, they give you the filing that you can properly have them in your hands. They give you the desire to have them on the table in front of you, to rotate them slowly slowly so that you can see all the details.

Tom-Beddard_10-600x330They are made by laser physicist/web developer Dr. Tom Beddard. He is working hard to create an application that will allow us to create and explore fractal structures in real time. The application is called Fractal Lab and you can find out more here. So lets enjoy the collection:

Tom-Beddard_1-600x330 Tom-Beddard_4-600x330Tom-Beddard_2-600x469 Tom-Beddard_3-600x469  Tom-Beddard_5-600x330 Tom-Beddard_6-600x330 Tom-Beddard_7-600x330 Tom-Beddard_8-600x330 Tom-Beddard_9-600x330

He has declared:

I have a fascination with the aesthetics of detail and complexity that is the result of simple mathematical or algorithmic processes. For me the creative process is writing my own software and scripts to explore the resulting output in an interactive manner. The best outcomes are often the least expected!

See more of his projects on his website subblue.com.

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