The Geometry of Pasta

I came across this book on the internet: ‘The Geometry of Pasta’ a book by  Jacob Kenedy & Caz Hildebrand (the London chef extraordinaire Jacob Kenedy and the British graphic designer Caz Hildebrand). I thought that this is such a nice idea, I love pastas in any shape. But what if this would have been a math book, what if a cooker and a mathematician would come together and discuss pastas in a different way?! This could be such a nice thing to read after all.


 There are said to be over 300 shapes of pasta, each of which has a history, a story to tell, and an affinity with particular foods. These shapes have evolved alongside the flavors of local ingredients, and the perfect combination can turn an ordinary dish into something sublime.

What if with some great pasta history and receipts, we could get some nice pasta graphs, equations and a little 3D geometry. What if we could see these pictures along with the others?

Cappelletti-1 Geometry-of-Pasta-625x457 post_2012_01_08_04

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