Minimal Food Geometry

The title says everything about the topic, but you have to dig deeper to understand more.

“With color, clever geometry and subtle wip; with a investigative zeal and a curious roving eye; with ideas both outlandish and easy to understand,  Carl Kleiner seamlessly combines countless photographic facets to create a body of work that´s fun and clever and everything in between. As happy in the real world as he is in the studio, Carl is both a real talent and a true pleasure.”

This is one of his projects for IKEAThis is an interesting project if you think about it. Let us look at the photos:

1-ikea_1 3-ikea_ 5-ikea_ 7-ikea_ 8-ikea_ 11-ikea_ 14-ikea_ 15-ikea_ 16-ikea_ 17-ikea_ 18-ikea_ 19-ikea_ 20-ikea_

Wonderful project, again, but let us look a little at the amount of geometric shapes he uses. And I am glad to see that he has a lot of them; you can see wonderful squares and rectangles, but you can also observe more 3D shapes (such as: cuboid, pyramids ~ prisms, half spheres (hemisphere), cone trunk and more). Minimalistic they say, I say majestic and this is because he used some nice properties to do those shapes, and also to arrange them in those wonderful rectangles. I say that he knows a lot of geometry and he used it with skill. Enjoy.

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