Food ARt

After a week with music, I am going to the food week, I think. We were kids once, and we loved to play with food. What about doing some geometry using fruits such as apples or watermelons. I think that well-known shapes such as square and circle will look lovable with some food art. Take a look:

design-fetish-sakir-gokcbag-food-art-1 design-fetish-sakir-gokcbag-food-art-2 design-fetish-sakir-gokcbag-food-art-3 design-fetish-sakir-gokcbag-food-art-4 design-fetish-sakir-gokcbag-food-art-5 design-fetish-sakir-gokcbag-food-art-6 design-fetish-sakir-gokcbag-food-art-10

Tasty, tasty, don’t you think? Also we could study any other shapes and designs because we are creative, and because we like symmetry, rotations and interesting patterns.

design-fetish-sakir-gokcbag-food-art-7 design-fetish-sakir-gokcbag-food-art-8 design-fetish-sakir-gokcbag-food-art-9 design-fetish-sakir-gokcbag-food-art-12

They are made by the Turkish artist Sakir Gokcebag. He did a wonderful work creating a series of graphic geometric compositions using food. Enjoy.

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  1. I was searching for “art through food” and I found this entry in your blog from June 23, 2014:
    Food ARt

    Then I dug further and found this entry from June 27, 2014:
    Minimal Food Geometry

    Wonderful entries combining art and food so I signed up to follow you. And I also enjoyed the Pi day entry. I now have it on my calendar for 2015: March 12, 2015 – Make a Pi to 30 decimals

    Thank you for brightening my day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you… that is so nice ^_^ I am glad I could show you some nice food art, also they are more math-related and I will have some more in the future…

      And be sure that March 12, 2015 (and all that week) will be Pi related and I will post a lot of fun things… But until then, enjoy ^_^ Your comment made my day 🙂


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