Art & Dance

Art + Dance = wonderful math. How is this possible? Well, Florian Nicolle has the answer. This project links the interesting and complicated break dance with art, and (to your surprise, I hope) to mathematics.

The truth is that we use a lot of math concepts in dance moves, even if we know or don’t know. A lot of things from symmetries, rotations and also combinatorics and much more. Florian Nicolle decided to take just some break dance moves and represent them into a 3D way ( a 3 axes system) and also used some of the nice angle principles when the moves have some rotation involved. And all this just by drawing. Enjoy.

break-dancing-art-1 break-dancing-art-2 break-dancing-art-3 break-dancing-art-4 break-dancing-art-5 break-dancing-art-6 break-dancing-art-7 break-dancing-art-8

Wonderful moves, wonderful art and wonderful math.

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