Origami art & 3D shapes

I believe that you observed that I have a new category more art related. And this is because these days I discovered a lot of artists that use math in their works, a lot of math concepts are now used more and more in art. This is not a new concept because geometry and perspective was always part of the art community. So far I have 2 art related posts : here and here.

Today I have some interesting origami art. If you do not know to many things about this, check this link, it is a really interesting art. Also you can check the Wikipedia page. I would like to present you the Flickr user fdecomite‘s beautiful portfolio of geometry-inspired papercraft. Wonderful works of art, really hard to make and you need a lot of patience. Enjoy…

ec6162a89f49439a408b3ee509cebb54 psychedelic-math-makes-for-some-trippy-origami-art.w654 (2)psychedelic-math-makes-for-some-trippy-origami-art.w654 (1)  psychedelic-math-makes-for-some-trippy-origami-art.w654 psychedelic-math-makes-for-some-trippy-origami-art.w654 (3) psychedelic-math-makes-for-some-trippy-origami-art.w654 (4)

And of course you can find a lot of math not only in his 3D shapes, but in the techniques used at origami in general. The mathematics of folding paper is an interesting part of geometry. If anyone is interested in doubling the cube, or trisecting an angle, this is the math part you can check.

Moreover I totally recommend reading from ‘Alex’s Adventures in Numberland’ by Alex Bellos, chapter 2: Behold! (In which the author almost changes his name because the disciple of a Greek cult leader says he must. Instead, he follows the instructions of another Greek thinker, dusts off his compass and folds two business cards into a tetrahedron.)

I know that this might be a short post for you, but it is something I just found out a couple of minutes ago, and wanted to share with you. Also, if you would like to see more art related posts like this let me know in comment box bellow or just by liking this post.

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