Now you will look at my title and be like: ‘What’s all this about?’… Well, sometime in 1992 ( on 6th May exactly) in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) the International Mathematical Union declared that the Year 2000 will be the World mathematical Year. I don’t know about you, but maybe most of you remember this year, I surely do not and this is because I was in the primary in that time and obviously this things were of no interest to me. You can imagine now that I am really jealous on anyone that took part in the events, but there is nothing I can do to change it, and I can just wait and hope that something similar will happen again.

What I totally like is what the Isaac Newton Institute of Mathematical Sciences did with the project Maths Goes Underground. I believe that it is so wonderful and the posters are really nice made, I totally like them. They present some of the most interesting and important areas in math. Also looking at the posters one will totally understand why math is so important in our society and just by putting the posters in the underground they just raised awareness of the importance of math in our society. I will just post the posters below so you can enjoy this great project:

booklet1 booklet2 booklet3 booklet4 booklet5 booklet6 booklet7 booklet8 booklet9 booklet10 booklet11 booklet12 booklet13

Moreover, they come with interesting explanations, nothing is left without answer, so you can check: maths counts ; maths stirsmaths predictsmaths is coolmaths hots upmaths connectsmaths evens the oddsmaths takes offmaths is vitalmaths breaks the codemaths makes waves; and maths is forever. Also, on this page you can find a way of ordering a booklet with the above posters (the price is really modest) and I think it is worth it.

Also, if you have any information about this year such as photos or personal experience from the events worldwide leave a comment bellow, I am very interested and it would be wonderful to share your experience with us. Thank you.

Check my Facebook page, my Tumblr, my just started Google+ page and also my new Twitter (I am really new to the last 2 things, so bare with me if you can see stupid mistakes there) and  Instagram.Thank you for reading and enjoy your day.


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