Geometry is an Art

I was just browsing the internet for something like ‘math art’ or ‘art in mathematics’ or something similar. It was just because I was trying to find inspiration for some new posts on my Facebook page and my just started Tumblr; and I was shocked by this article (I totally recommend to read it carefully). 

Rafael Araujo is a great artist that understands geometry more than most of us. He understands the hidden practical things that made the Geometry Theory everyone learns in school. Hundreds of hours of pure geometry like it was done back in the begging of mathematics are transformed into pure art, into pure awesomeness. Here are some of his works :

g1 g2 g3 g4

I know that this might be a short post for you, but it is something I just found out a couple of minutes ago, and wanted to share with you. Also, if you would like to see more art related posts like this let me know in comment box bellow or just by liking this post.

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