Teaching math like a pro

From time to time I listen to the talks that appear at TED, and obviously I am a big fan of any math-related video,  but this time this teaching video impressed me more: Christopher Emdin: Teach teachers how to create magic #TED : http://on.ted.com/i0CJJ .

This video made me think about how it would be like if we could teach math like a story. Is it possible to teach math just by storytelling? I mean that there are things that can be explained like this, but math is not a subject that needs only words. It needs paper and pen, drawing and writing ( a lot). But what if a teacher started a lesson with a story about the lecture, a story about some specific numbers, a story about a famous mathematician, a story about a famous equation. Could they start with a story to make the children more interested and then with the paper and pen?

I am sure that there can be a way to do this, but it needs a lot of preparation and devotion. And also I consider that this needs 100% love for math, deep understanding of the beauty it expresses. I always thought that teaching math and showing them its beauty are 2 different things and that they do not go together. For a long period of time I considered that you need first to go through the teaching part, learn some things that did not make too much sense and then go deeper and see the beauty, but what if we can do it the other way around? What if we could start with a story (funny, sad, happy, it doesn’t matter) and then with the technical part?

What do you think? How does your perfect math lecture looks like?


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