Easter and Eggs

First of all I think ‘Happy Easter!!’ will be ok for now. Since I was little I remember doing a lot of drawings with eggs in this period of the year. The problem was that I never did a perfect egg, and I got more and more angry every time. Then the math teacher appeared at some point in my life and did something like this:


Of course my happiness grew exponential and now I am an expert of drawing eggs. Even if it sound terrifying when you first look at it don’t give up, it gives you the perfect egg in the end. And because in the last 2-3 days everyone was talking more and more about eggs I decided that we need to know more about the geometry hidden in an egg.


So have fun this Easter and I hope you enjoyed my small egg-Easter related post. Like if you want to see more posts like this. And don’t forget to like my Facebook page (it’s going to a major transformation now). Happy Easter!

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