A Monday morning last week, a sunny day and a walk in the park. Even if the weather was nice, my day did not start very nice. I was a little upset about a discussion I had with an old friend about math and he was convinced that math is not worth doing, for him it is a waste of time. I was thinking at what he said for all the morning, and I was furious at first, then very sad and disappointed.

And walking through the park I saw a photographer on a bench and he was offering people the possibility to get a free portrait made by him.  He had such a nice look in his eyes that I could not pass by. So I started to talk with him, ask about his work, his photos. And I was so surprised when he started talking about the geometry a leaf made in the sand. I was amassed, it was wonderful. After he found out that I was studding math at university he started talking about his first math class at university. Coming from school he thought that math was exact and it was about fast answering and doing hard calculations. He was amassed that the tutor asked him first to guess the answer, to use his intuition. He then realized that math is about intuition, good guessing and understanding the logic behind everything. I was so pleased to hear him talking like this about math. He likes talking about numbers and how they are find in nature. He believes that nature has math hidden everywhere, that one just needs to open his/hers eyes to see it.


I was impressed by what he said, I was impressed by his understanding of math and nature. And then I was ashamed for what I was thinking in the morning. He was just a photographer and loved math so much and wanted to study it deeply, and I was a student that has just started studying it and felt depressed by someone that did not understand the beauty of math. In that moment I decided what I would do in the future, in that instance I thought that I want to see more people thinking this way, feeling this way and understanding math in this magic way. I will try to do my best to teach people around me that life is full of magical math, beautiful math and fragile math. Hope that this moment will guide me in the future and I hope that this is the best thing for me.

Since that day lots of ideas about what I need to do are going (flying through my head) and now I try to organize them in a nice strategic plan to make it something real and not just my imagination.

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