Just a couple of days ago, I was talking with one of my friends about Time. From a mathematical point of view this is a kind of interesting problem and we use the Modular arithmetic , which is very hard to understand. I found it completely new when I first saw it and hard to understand it. I needed a lot of example to get it. But the thing that made me interested in this topic, was exactly the relation between it and time. In fact, calculating time is using arithmetic modulo 60 and/or modulo 24. Also, for the calendar part we use modulo 30 or 31 (28/29 for February), and for the year part we use modulo 365. We even use it modulo 7 for days in a week. It gets interesting and a little complicated, but it’s one of the most used mathematical method. A

Also, everyone uses this system, but a few know about modular arithmetic. I hope in the future it will get more known.

I hope you will enjoy this interesting clock designs:

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