First of all I am happy to see that you liked my last post and because of this I will try to write as many as possible. Also if you have some ideas for this leave a comment bellow. Everyone uses math in their daily life, so maybe you can share with me some of your experiences.

This time I will discuss the usual shopping day for me and my friend. We normally have a big shopping day every month for basic stuffs that are useful in every house, but we also have weekly shopping days, too. I believe that everyone is doing something similar. Tell me how do you do your shopping in the comments bellow.


So, let us start:

  1. Normally we try to buy exactly the quantity we need because we don’t want to through away food. So every time we buy things that are labeled per kg, we try to take as much as we need it. This is the time when we use math: seeing the price per kg it is easy to calculate how much is 100g and after that to calculate exactly how much we need; so we use decomposition of numbers to do the calculation fast (it’s true that we are a little traditional and we do all the calculation without a calculator, but we feel that it takes long to use the calculator for this kind of calculations; what you think about this? leave a comment bellow). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. When we do the weekly shopping, we normally have a small amount of money that we can use. So, for example if we want to not spend more than 30£ we start to add and approximate the prices of the products we buy. All this makes the shopping more entertaining because we do the calculations together and this way we also practice at remembering as many digits as possible or for a longer time.                                                                                                                                       New Imageg
  3. Another thing is that we normally don’t pay using cards, especially when we do weekly shopping. We feel that we will buy more than we need if we pay by card. So we always have to calculate and give the correct amount of money. And because we don’t want to see to many coins in our pockets it also happens that we give the money in the following way: we need to pay 25.35£ and we give 40.35£ to be sure that we get an exact change. More easier to budget for the next week this way. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I know that in this post I talked only about decomposition of numbers, addition, multiplication and approximations, but I am sure that most of you do this things every time you buy things. If there are other that you use when you go shopping let me know in the comments bellow. Also any other ideas for this kind of post are also welcome. Enjoy your shopping day.

[Pictures: Some photos are made by me in my long journeys 😛 So, you can see some raspberries in a market in L’viv Ukraine; a wine cellar in Romania; and a Teddy bear shop in Krakow Poland]

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