” Chomsky used algebra to capture some of the patterns of language that we all share. But there are other patterns that mathematicians can find in language. One of those patterns can be used to identify us from the words we write. Given a sufficiently long passage, a mathematician can determine who is most likely to have written it. What makes this possible is that the relative frequencies of the different words we typically use a definite numerical profile that can identify us in much the same way, though with less accuracy, that we can be identified from our fingerprints.” ( Keith Devlin, “The Language of Mathematics, Making the Invisible Visible”)

” In an age when many people proclaim an inability to do mathematics, it is interesting to note that the work of linguists and statisticians shows that our very use of language involves mathematics, albeit subconsciously. As Chomsky demonstrated, the abstract patterns of grammatical sentences are mathematical – at least, they can best be described by mathematics – […] (it) shows us that when we write, we do so with a definite mathematical pattern of word frequencies every bit as unique to us as our fingertips. Not only is mathematics the language of the universe, as Galileo observed, it may also be used to help us understand ourselves.” ( Keith Devlin, “The Language of Mathematics, Making the Invisible Visible”)

I found this while I was reading one of my favorite books. I new that I have posted a lot from this book and I am sure that a lot of you know about it. If you want to see a post especially about the book (like a small review or just some personal opinions) let me know in the comments bellow. Enjoy…

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