“Numbers invade my dreams and fantasies, my hopes and anxieties. Perhaps because we see the world through numerical spectacles which we never take off, even in our sleep, it is hard for us to realize how utterly dependent we are on numbers. I am just looking at the front page of this morning’s newspaper. It is fairly typical, I suspect.

The paper costs 45p, it is published on 12 June 1998; Sport is on page 28; […] Catherine Cookson dies at 91 years, 13 days before her 92nd birthday, she had 85 best-selling books at the rate of 2 a year since 1950, they had sold 100 million copies, earning her 14 million pounds, she was the 17th richest woman in Britain […], her neighbour Gertrude Robertsis 78, the obituary is on page 20, and a notice of the death of writer Hammond Innes is on page 4; Stephen Lawrence age 18 was murdered in 1993, his mother is 45, 5 men summonsed to give evidence are age 21, 22, 21, 20 and 22; the maximum charge for Cable & Wireless telephone calls on Saturdays is fixed at 50p until the end of September, you can call 0800 056 8182 to find more; there’s a horrifying racist murder reported on page 3; the other sections in the paper run from Home page 5, through pages 15, 17, 18, 20, 23, 24, and 29 to Radio schedules on page 31, and the newspaper’s bar code is 9770261307354.

There are 51 separate numbers on just one page, which it took me less than 5 minutes to read over breakfast. I was keen to get to the sporting pages, with World Cup results and cricket scores – numbers by the bucketful. So in the half-hour it takes me to get through the paper, I probably see, and at least half attend to, about 300 visual numbers. […]

At a very very rough guess, I would say that I process about 1,000 numbers an hour, about 16,000 numbers per waking day, nearly 6 million a year. People whose jobs entail working with numbers, in supermarkets, banks, bettig shops, schools, dealing rooms, will process many more than this. ” ( Brian Butterworth, “What Counts – How every brain is hardwired for math” )

Because of this pharagraph I decided to make a new category about numbers. So let me know which one is your favorite number and I will try to find all the mathematical things about it. I will also post some of my favorite numbers soon. But I need to tell you that Golden Ratio is also a good example of number. So enjoy every number that you see today. ^_^

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