Golden Ratio

The Golden ratio is something so fascinating that you cannot stop thinking about it sometimes. And, for my shame, the first time I heard about it was when I was reading “The Da Vinci’s Code” by Dan Brown. Firstly I thought that it is something invented by the author because in that period mathematics at school was not something that fascinating. The only thing I did was to search about it on the internet. But now studding mathematics at a university I really figured out what this is and even calculated it and I was so proud of myself when I discovered that something which was so magical for me a couple of years ago now it is reachable.

The first logical thing to do to make you understand just a little this ratio is to give you and approximation of this ratio, which is 1.618. But this doesn’t make it fascinating for someone. What if I tell you the actual value, which is an irrational number? But I’m afraid that this will make things harder because I need to use square root of 5 (for a more mathematical point of view: Mathworld).

But what if I tell you the following: “according to the Greeks, the golden ration is the proportion for the sides of a rectangle that the human eye finds the most pleasing. The rectangular face of the front of the Parthenon has sides whose ratio is this proportion, and it may be observed elsewhere in Greek architecture.”(Keith Devlin, “The Language of Mathematics – Making the Invisible Visible”)? Now you could say that it was only in the Greeks’ mind, but was it?

In fact it seems that this ratio can also be found in nature: the arrangement of seeds in a sunflower, the pattern that can be observed on the surface of a pine cone, the relative sizes of the chambers in a nautilus shell, in the comet’s tail, in the shapes of a nebula and so on. And it seems that even our body (the human body) has this fascinating ratio in his composition. ( you can also read: Article )

So, did The Divine Power make us using this Golden Ratio? Or is just us mathematicians that want to find numbers, ratios and logic everywhere around us?

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