Is math the language of the universe? A bilingual TED-Ed Club explores


Nice point of view, nice idea. I like how that with this kind of activities people can see the beauty and importance of math and also consider all the domains it touches.

Originally posted on TED Blog:


Student Pierre Hirschler gives a TED-Ed Club presentation, exploring math as a universal language.

In New York City, it’s common to hear ten different languages just on your walk to work in the morning. For the students at Lycée Français de New York, that kind of multicultural exposure doesn’t stop at the schoolhouse doors. With a combination French-English curriculum, this PreK-12 school educates students who represent more than 50 nationalities. And when the LFNY TED-Ed Club chose a topic for their final presentation, the students were drawn to language — more specifically, the possibility of a universal one.

LFNY’s presentation, titled “Math Universe,” is a collaboration that combines individual research presentations from each member of the club into a larger final piece, which was presented by club member Pierre Hirschler. Marie De Azevedo, a senior at LFNY, explains it: “We found a wider question — which was ‘Is math the language of the…

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